Dissrup: Bringing a digital culture marketplace to life.

Dissrup is an artist-centric NFT marketplace for artists and designers looking to create, collaborate and innovate within the world of digital and phygital design.


The briefing

Dissrup had the idea for a web3 marketplace where artists and collectors would create and purchase NFTs through blockchain — Finiam was the means of achieving it. We accepted the challenge and dove deep into the new world of NFT marketplaces, exploring new areas such as blockchain and smart contracts.

What we did

Although pretty challenging, this project was very enriching. We started out by conducting research on what existed so far when it came to NFT marketplaces, learned even more about blockchain and smart contracts; and created a backend somewhat different to what we were used to.

When it comes to technologies, we used Node with Fastify for the API and Prisma as the database ORM. NextJS was used for the frontend, and deployed to Vercel.

We Integrated with Metamask to allow users to sign up and interact with the Smart Contract; and used Sanity as the headless CMS for better and easier content management by the Client without passing through the development team.

We used The Graph to index and query events emitted by our smart contracts, and lastly we used Solidity for developing smart contracts.

The end result


Five months have gone by since the launch on November 29 and the results have been pretty positive and they currently count with 171 creators and 3035 users.

Client feedback
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